Receive Freshness Farms Honey as a healthy sweetener at your workplace. Freshness Farms honey comes from Bee Hives in San Jose. Let our Bees increase your immunity by sharing the same air and pollen as our Bees.

Bee Pollen- 8 oz. $14.00  Qty: Price:
Sage Honey- 16 oz. $14.00  Qty: Price:
Wild Flower Honey- 16 oz. $14.00  Qty: Price:
Sage Honey 8 oz. $9.00  Qty: Price:
Wild Flower Honey- 8 oz. $9.00  Qty: Price:
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    Freshness Farms: Organically growing foods in a sustainable way because we care about your body and our land.

Congratulations for supporting Freshness Farms, a suburban farm serving the Silicon Valley. No extra delivery fees.