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Order your desired amount in multiples of 12. The Basket needs to be returned for reuse. If you order more than a dozen, please communicate with us if you want your total Egg order all in one basket for one department or if you want different dozen Egg orders for different departments.

12 Hard Boiled Eggs $18.00  Qty: Price:
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Hard Boiled Eggs are a healthy source of ready to eat protein for your staff. Receive Hard Boiled Eggs from chicken's in San Jose, CA. The Hard Boiled Eggs come beautifully placed in the Freshness Farms signature baskets. Give your staff healthy alternatives during the work week. You can order Hardboiled Eggs with every delivery or treat your staff any frequency you desire.

Order your desired amount in multiples of 12. For 12 Hard Boiled Eggs order 1 Quantity. For 24 Hard Boiled Eggs order 2 Quantities. For 36 Hard Boiled Eggs order 3 Quantities. For 48 Hard Boiled Eggs order 4 Quantities. And so forth.

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