Fruits (Up to 75 Pieces)

Store Staff: Fruits and Snacks Fruits (Up to 75 Pieces)

Local, seasonal, fresh picked fruit delivered directly to your workplace that can be enjoyed by your staff, visitors and customers. Baskets are returned with every delivery for reuse.

Grande- 75 - auto-renews $94.00 Price:
Medio- 50 - auto-renews $68.00 Price:
Poco- 30 - auto-renews $44.00 Price:
Mini-18 - auto-renews $29.00 Price:
Delivery frequency
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Receive Freshness Farms Fruits directly to your Silicon Valley company. Give your staff members a delicious and very nutritious snack during their workday. Each week you will receive a basket of fresh picked, local and seasonal fruit. Pick your size and the delivery frequency and then leave it to us. All our food is organically grown using water wise farming methods and all food with minor exceptions comes from a 100 mile radius with the majority grown right here is the Santa Clara Valley.

Choose your size:

Mini = 15+ servings Poco = 30+ servings Medio = 50+ servings Grande = 75+ servings

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    Freshness Farms: Organically growing foods in a sustainable way because we care about your body and our land.