Fruits (100 Pieces and Up)

Store Staff: Fruits and Snacks Fruits (100 Pieces and Up)

Pay as you go with the convenience of Auto-Billing. Contact us if COD/invoicing is preferred. There are no Bananas with this 100 plus Fruit Order. You may purchase Bananas as an Add On under Extra Fruit.

300 Pieces - auto-renews $300.00 Price:
200 Pieces - auto-renews $220.00 Price:
150 Pieces - auto-renews $173.00 Price:
100 Pieces - auto-renews $120.00 Price:
Delivery frequency
Billing frequency

You will receive a variety of Local, seasonal, fresh picked fruit delivered directly to your workplace that can be enjoyed by your staff, visitors and customers.

    Freshness Farms: Organically growing foods in a sustainable way because we care about your body and our land.